I Am Remnant Poster

I Am Remnant Poster
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 "I Am Remnant"

A declaration over a generation!


·         The Remnant has found freedom in the arms of a loving savior who has not only forgiven their past, but now has authority over their future!


·         The remnant is one who simply knows that The I Am has made them now His!


·         The remnant will consist of failures, fatherless, forgotten and freedom fighters! Their pedigree is that of a scarred savior!


·         The remnant cannot be defined by mans human concepts, because the remnant finds their value in the eyes of a savior!


·         The remnant has decided at all costs I will not quit on the one who would not quit on them!


·         The Remnant doesn’t stop where they should have died, because they know that Jesus didn’t!


·         The remnant has chosen to let go of past hurts in order to experience the freedom that comes with forgiving and moving forward!


·         The Remnant has chosen to leave a life of compromise for the spirit of consecration!


·         The Remnant is one who will not be swayed to the wind of compromise, stare into the eyes of revenge, or seek the approval of the populace!


·         The Remnant is the ones who seek holy justice with a passion for pursuing the fallen asleep with the knowledge of him who is awakening the dead!


·         The Remnant seeks to gain nothing, but always has everything to give!


·         The Remnant declares grace with justice, power with meekness, and joy with accountability!


·         The Remnant is one who has mastered the simple fact that true revival is not a gathering of the saved, but the resurrection of the lost!


·         The Remnant is a private worshiper with a public voice who only seeks the revelation of Gods kingdom and not their own empire!


·         The Remnant will not bow to culture but rather culture is recreated by their passion for Jesus!


·         The remnant can be found walking amongst the lost humanity not screaming insults or provoking slander, but instead invading with light that which has only known darkness.


·         The remnant is the apostle with worn out garments, the smiling prophet, the transparent pastor, the weeping missionary, the teacher with tools in hand,  & the servant evangelist.


·         The Remnant understands the fruit of the spirit is not a salad for a church potluck, but rather a diet of a lifetime.


·         The Remnant knows that the gifts of the Spirit are not for the evangelical, charismatic & Pentecostal talent show but rather the weapons of a dying leader. Who has chosen spirit over flesh and freedom over slavery!


·         The Remnant stands on truth until the shifting sand of compromise slides from under their feet and the rock of salvation is revealed.


·         The Remnant does not walk in fear of mans retribution but rather the fear that man will never know the love a savior.


·         The remnant will always clash with religion because they know that all throughout history Religion has always tried to be the noose around the neck of a Holy Spirit movement.


·         The Remnant rescues the hurting, and defends the fatherless.


·         The remnant is not a pulpiteer or just a public speaker, but rather a resuscitator of life to those whom have lost breath!


·         The remnant doesn't need the stage but rather a place to call home to bring a weary guest.


·         The Remnant is never satisfied because they hunger and thirst after righteousness.


·         The remnant does not walk in flattering circles but rather in the places where the unknown sojourner must be found.


·         The remnant is one who simply says yes to the cross and no to the applause! Yes to the altar and no to arrogance! Yes to covenant and no to worldly concepts.


·         The remnant has chosen to be the least of these to the greatest of them.


·         The Remnant sleeps in peace only when night has dawned in order to strengthen their journey and mission


·         The Remnant only hides in the shadows of intercession long enough to embody the burden of restoration!


·         The remnant doesn't mind seclusion because they know that is where strength is found. Their peace comes from secret encounters and private glances with the           Heavenly Father!


·         The Remnant has decided at all costs they will not allow the next generation to speak of the last generation as the group that did not want to see Gods glory!


·         The remnant is afraid of only one thing.... And that is that time will not permit all they feel called by God to do.


·         This is more than just a spoken word but a declaration of truth! We are Remnant!


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